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01. BLOK Party Project

Date. Winter 2021

City. Toronto, Ontario 

Type. Design for Dwelling 


   Jay Kicak

   Kiran Matharu

   Mackenzie Southey

   Taylor Swan


dwg-file-format-variant (1).png
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The BLOK Party Project is focused on providing University and College students with flexible temporary living units. The units are designed to provide a comfortable and convenient living environment for students who need to remain close to school for extended periods. They can be located almost anywhere in a city or town, offering clusters and semi-permanent units in convenient locations. These units allow students to concentrate in their own space during exam times, provide space for group projects, and a place for students who commute every day to rest. 

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Design 4 Dwelling - Student Housing-BLOC TOWER ELEVATION.jpg
Offest Block elevations.png
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