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Wild Water Center

duration. 8 Months - Completed Spring 2021

location. Minden, Ontario

typeUndergraduate Thesis . Design, Landscape Architecture, Architecture


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GullRiver_Swim Elevation_Reduced.jpg

Wild Water Centre - Swim Pavillion Render


This thesis focuses on a proposed Wild Water Center, located on a small stretch of the Gull River in Minden Ontario. The purpose of the Wild Water Center is to create opportunities for community engagement, encourage locals and out of area visitors to interact with the outdoors, and facilitate year-round activities. Focusing on the connection to the river, the Wild Water Center will foster a stronger bond between visitors, paddlers, and the natural environment.


Wild Water Centre - Swim Pavillion Model


The Gull River in Minden Ontario allows people to connect with nature, while also reconnecting with themselves. I have always enjoyed visiting the river in my life, but I was unaware of the constraints placed on us. The aim of the Wild Water Center is not to distract from the original space, but rather to provide opportunities to highlight it. The area can be made more navigable and appreciated by bridging the distance between the river’s two banks.  This will provide options for year-round activities and events, and encourage residents and tourists to participate and reconnect with the outdoors.


Wild Water Centre - Parsons Bridge Render

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