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05. Design Abroad

date. Spring 2019

city. Quepos, Costa Rica

typeParticipatory Design, System Design, Feild Research


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Along with 16 other students, I participated in the 2019 Costa Rica Design Abroad program. We travelled to Costa Rica and practiced participatory design to create a waste management system. This involved data collection, interviewing members of the community, mapping, and clear communication between all parties. The exhibition itself was in Toronto and I reflected on my time through a visual installation of coins collected from Costa Rica (see Delicate Glisten).

My Role. 

My purpose during this project was to establish a more accurate population density and schedule for waste collection. In order to get accurate numbers, we completed multiple site analyses by walking El Cocal collecting populations of families, and the density of dwellings. After establishing the population, we performed a study to understand the amount of waste each section would produce. Using the information gathered we were able to create the schedule and move to begin complying the Final Design Strategy Document.


El Cocal - Schedule and Mapping

Full Presentation. 


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